DSC1 q&a Audio Disc

There has always been a real hole the training material provision for people who simply aren't that great with books, manuals, computers and maybe don't even have a computer. So to make sure everyone has access to materials that can really help them Galloway Field Sports has now developed an Audio CD in selectable tracks to play anywhere whether it's in the car, at home or work and learn for your DSC1 without having the stress of trying to digest a manual you can beat whales to death with.

The individual disk also comes with an allowance for the private user to make a copy for use on digital portable devices such as mobile phones, iPods or other portable media players.

Price inc p&p £8.50 for package pictured
- paypal, cheque, bank transfer accepted, contact for more details
Price inc p&p for disk in sleeve only option £6.50

CD Package Option

Track 3 'Safety' sample from the disc

1) Biology and Ecology
2) Stalking Equipment and Techniques
3) Safety Track
4) Legislation England and Wales
5) Legislation General
6) Legislation Scotland
7) Firearms and Ballistics
8) Roe Deer
9) Fallow Deer
10) Red Deer
11) Sika Deer
12) Muntjac Deer
13) Chinese Water Deer

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